Nuestra Primera Casa

We've finally moved into our first home together! We got one of the last "walk-in" homes on base and luckily enough it is a three bedroom with a new air conditioning unit. Yes, that is really important since it's been over 95 (often 100) degrees here for about a month straight. Our home doesn't have any carpet so that helps to keep it feeling cool, but your feet do get tired walking barefoot on it all day.

Here are some pictures:

Living RoomDining RoomKitchen
The washer and dryer we worked so hard to find for $280 total
An awesome storage room with all our fun stuff that we don't want to unpack yet
The only bathroomMaster Bedroom
Guest Room/Mr. P's Unpacking Room
Office: Mrs. Side
Office: Mr. Side


  1. your house looks pretty sweet. I'm so coming to visit now.

  2. Hey guys! I love that you're doing this. I feel instantly way more connected to you two. BTW, your place looks beautifully clean and organized! Mrs. P's influence I'm guessing? And your table looks lovely!

  3. So, guess what I just saw. That my deviant art site is on your blog. AWESOME! thanks Ash and Brent.



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